Our returning warfighters deserve the best possible care, with no exceptions!

Wayne County is home to more than 91,000 veterans, many who have recently returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan. With only Senator David Knezek and Representative Tom Barrett having served in Iraq, it is important that all of our Representatives make sure that our veterans have a strong voice in Lansing.

A longtime partner of an Airborne Infantryman, I will be a strong voice for veterans in Lansing!

Help our homeless veterans get off the street.

Veterans make up 11% of the adult homeless population in the United States and the numbers are growing. Between 2013-2015, the number of homeless veterans in Michigan rose 14.5%!

Our returning warfighters face unique challenges when they return home. These challenges are even harder to overcome due to disability. 2 out of every 3 homeless veterans in Michigan suffers some form of disability:

  • Mental Health Issues: 56% of Michigan’s homeless veterans suffer from a mental health disorder.
  • Medical Disabilities: 44% of Michigan’s homeless veterans suffer from a medical disability.
  • Substance Abuse: 35% of Michigan’s homeless veterans have a substance abuse related disability.

Replace Michigan’s aging, outdated Veterans Homes.

Michigan’s existing Veterans Homes are in dire need of assistance. Our returning heroes are forced to come home to facilities that are understaffed and unsafe. Complaints about the quality of patient care have been constant since the Legislature voted to privatize patient services in 2011.

HB 5919 will create the Michigan Veterans’ Facility Authority (MVFA), which will work with the Michigan Veterans Administration to build new facilities to care for and house our veterans.

The MVFA will take over operations of existing Veterans Homes in Grand Rapids and Marquette. Eventually, the MVFA will manage the entire Michigan Veteran Health System, restoring the high quality care our veterans deserve.

As the next Representative in District 1, I will support HB 5919, so our veterans receive the care they deserve!

Ensure that the VA and the Fisher House Foundation have the funds needed to build the Ann Arbor Fisher House.

The Fisher House Program provides a free-of-charge “home away from home” for the families of veterans who are receiving care at VA facilities. There are currently 71 Fisher Houses located in 27 states, but none in Michigan.

In November 2016, the VA and the Fisher House Foundation approved building a Fisher House at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System, which provides healthcare for veterans in a 15-county area of Michigan and Ohio.

As the voice for District 1’s veterans in Lansing, I will work with both government and private citizens to ensure that the Ann Arbor Fisher House is fully funded.