A Michigan State survey found that Detroit has an estimated 7,500 dogs and 18,000 cats roaming free in the city. According to the same survey, Detroit has only four animal control officers, making the city’s stray dog and cat problem much too large for its animal control officers to solve without more money. The stray issue is not just one of compassion, but of public safety.

As District 1’s voice in Lansing, I will increase State funding to address this issue.

At least 26 communities in Michigan, including Grosse Pointe Woods, have breed-specific ordinances that force residents to choose between their home and their best friend. Breed specific laws infringe on the rights of responsible dog owners and gives people a false sense of security.

A dog’s appearance is not a predictor of its behavior, as any breed can be trained to be dangerous. I support laws that treat animals as individuals and a diverse coalition including the American Bar Association, National Animal Control Association and Michigan Humane Society agree.

As the next Representative of District 1, I will support the House companion to SB 239.