Our seniors have spent a lifetime working and paving the way for the freedoms we enjoy today.  They deserve to enjoy their retirement years and live with dignity.

Our government should have zero tolerance for elder abuse, whether it takes place at a health care facility, or at home. I am committed to ensuring that our seniors are free to enjoy an active and full life, without fear of fraud of abuse.

As the next Representative in District 1, I will be a strong voice in Lansing for seniors in the 1st District, and across the State by:

  • Improving access to a public transportation system that is connected, convenient to use, timely and affordable. Almost half of America’s senior citizens are still working. It is imperative that everyone has access to the transportation they need to remain independent.
  • Fighting attempts to gut services like the Silver Key Campaign and Michigan Office of Services to the Aging. These programs provide essential services, like Meals on Wheels, which allow our seniors to stay in their homes.
  • Supporting legislation that punishes those who take advantage of seniors through fraud, scams and consumer rip-offs.