Crumbling roads and bridges are an issue that affects everyone in District 1. Decades of neglect, and harsh Michigan winters, have eroded the roads and bridges to dangerous levels. Without significant investment, our roads and bridges will only continue to get worse.

Once in Lansing, I will work with Federal, State and local governments to improve the condition of our roads and bridges, a crucial step needed to continue Detroit’s comeback.

As District 1's Representative, I will lead the effort to:

  • Index Michigan’s per-gallon motor fuel tax to inflation.

  • Eliminate vehicle registration tax discounts.

  • Require electric car owners to install a separate electric meter for charging electric cars. This meter usage will be taxed for the Michigan Transportation Fund at a rate consistent with taxes paid by gasoline/diesel vehicles.

  • Require all road agencies in Michigan to use the same methods to assess road quality and maintenance needs. This ensures agencies are using funds in the most efficient manner.