District 1 includes the most dangerous portion of Detroit. The rise of crime on the East side has brought gang violence and gun crimes to District 1.

The State's refusal to fully fund revenue sharing, along with declining property values, has lead to a decrease in the number of police officers available to fight the rise in crime in District 1.

Since 2005:

  • Grosse Pointe Shores has lost 1 police officer.

  • Grosse Pointe Woods has lost 8 police officers.

  • Harper Woods has lost 7 police officers.

  • Detroit has lost a staggering 1,009 police officers.

When elected as the next Representative of District 1, I WILL fight to stop the rise of crime in the District.

To effectively reduce crime, the State must:

  • Increase funding for the Michigan State Police forensic labs.

  • Invest in veteran's courts, mental health courts and drug treatment courts.

  • Increase Michigan's participation in the FBI's Safe Streets Violent Crimes Initiative. 

  • Increase state funding to expand the Michigan State Police Secure Cities Partnership.