Much of Detroit’s infrastructure is near the end of its productive life. This is especially true of Detroit’s massive and under-maintained sewage system.

During periods of heavy rainfall, the ability of the system is often surpassed, resulting in a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO), causing the discharge of untreated water into the water supply. The runoff discharged from these CSO’s is the leading cause of pollution to our water supply.

  • Blue/Green infrastructure would divert rainwater and snow melt from Detroit’s Combined System into more natural settings, such as ponds and fields.
  • By keeping water out of Detroit’s sewer system, the city could save hundreds of millions of dollars by reducing the amount of Grey Infrastructure necessary to treat its sewage.

As District 1’s next Representative, I will lead the effort in Lansing to implement State law to allow District 1 to invest in Blue/Green Infrastructure.

Detroit has at least 125,000 lead service lines, more than the rest of the state combined. We must ensure that we are investing in our freshwater infrastructure, to prevent another terrible disaster like the one occurring in Flint.

As our next voice in Lansing, I will work with local governments to remove ALL lead service lines in Michigan and replace our dangerously aging water mains.