Equality and human rights must be guaranteed to EVERY Michigan citizen. We have a responsibility to ensure that that our laws recognize the equal rights of all Michiganians, regardless of their race, gender or sexual orientation.

  • Despite advancements in women’s fight for equality, women are paid about 79 cents for every dollar a male worker is paid. As State Representative, I will fight for a Paycheck Fairness Act and support the addition of gender to the equal protection and non-discrimination provisions in Article I, Section II of the Michigan Constitution.

  • Black Michiganians, also suffer from wage discrimination, making it harder for them to save and build wealth. As District 1’s voice in Lansing, I will work with the Federal government to restore funding to programs that increase minority home ownership, like Step Forward Michigan and expand the Detroit Home Mortgage Initiative.

  • The youth unemployment rate is higher than ever. Once elected, I will work to create jobs for young Michiganians by expanding youth jobs programs, like Grow Detroit’s Young Talent.